Feng Yu

Hi all. This is Feng Yu, a first-year full-time PhD student in computer science at the University of Exeter, under the supervision of Prof. Jia Hu and Prof. Geyong Min. My research interests are mainly federated learning, continual learning and edge intelligence. My research is supported by China Scholarship Council and University of Exeter Scholarships.

I am open to discussing research ideas and seeking academic collaborations. Drop me email if interested!

My previous research works cover several issues : federated learning, blokchain, generative adversarial network, differential privacy and privacy protection. Currently, I am interested in variety of approaches for federated learning (Federated Graph Machine Learning, Federated Continual Learning, etc.) and related applications.

More detail about me, please refer to Homepage \/ Github \/ Zhihu \/ Google Scholar \/ CV.

Selected publications

  1. Blockchain-empowered secure federated learning system: Architecture and applications
    Feng Yu , Hui Lin, Xiaoding Wang, Abdussalam Yassine, and M. Shamim Hossain
    Computer Communications 2022
  2. Communication-Efficient Personalized Federated Meta-Learning in Edge Networks
    Feng Yu , Hui Lin, Xiaoding Wang, Sahil Garg, Georges Kaddoum, Satinder Singh, and Mohammad Mehedi Hassan
    IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management 2023
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